Roland DWX-51D

Roland can handle any zirconia, PMMA, or wax we throw at it. With modern strategies, it is able to complete the most complicated restorations effectively and on time.

Roland DWX-52D

The next generation of the industry’s best-selling dental mill has kept everything users love, and then made it even better. Reliable, precise and affordable, the DWX-52D 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine now offers better disc handling, more material capabilities, improved tool management and other enhanced features, to deliver even more efficiency.

E Series

The cornerstone of our scanning capability, the E Series is top of the line in model scanning. An all-in-one for maximum volume throughput, we have the ability to scan upper and lower models at the same time and in high detail. This machine allows us to move cases through scanning, quickly.

Rapid Shape Printing
Straumann CARES P Series

Cutting-edge printing technology! The CARES P series from Straumann is a game-changer in rapid shape printing, setting new standards in precision and efficiency. Harnessing Digital Light Processing technology, it crafts thermoset parts with unparalleled precision, all from resin feedstock.