Diagnostic Planning

When patient and doctor are consulting on a large aesthetic case or any case where expectations needed to match result, then the use of a diagnostic set up to show the final result can be very useful for doctor, patient and technicians involved. Diagnostic set ups can be done conventionally and digitally and offer up a great visual before moving forward on treatment planning.

Guided Implant & Custom Surgical

At RDL we are continually evolving with the newest technologies. We have added to our facility an in-house printer that allows us to construct surgical guides for ease of implant placement. For this process, we use CBCT and Codiagnostix which are designed to help guide your surgeries by supporting the best options for implant placement resulting in positive results for your clients.

Custom Shading for Patients

Custom Shading for patients – its been our experience that through the process of a one on one consult with a ceramist with the aid of digital photography we maximize the ability to produce the correct shade and aesthetics on anterior cases and any other challenging cases. This process also allows to store images and notes for future work that may be needed.

Custom Impression Trays

With the use of a lab constructed custom impression tray conventional immersions taking can be aided with a nice result. Highly recommended on implant impressions.

Before and After

Move the slider to the right to view before and after photos of some of our clients.

Customer One

Patient originally presented with the following concerns:

  • Overall tooth staining and coloring
  • Mal-alignment of teeth
  • Lack of tooth symmetry
  • Gingival recession

A diagnostic wax up was utilized for case planning and patient communication. This was a critical first step in determining the viability of the treatment plan as well as demonstrating to the patient during consultation what we can achieve as a final result, thereby, providing the patient the opportunity to see a mock up before committing to the treatment plan.

Once the case was a go with the use of great teamwork between the dentist and our lab we were able to address all concerns and achieve a very nice result through the use of eMax full crown anterior restorations.

All members involved on this case were extremely happy with final outcome and patient went home with a fresh new smile!

Customer Two

Patient originally presented with the following concerns:

  • Poor function
  • Diastema spacing
  • Worn and sensitive teeth
  • Deep overbite

Through the use of mounted models and a diagnostic wax up the case was treatment planned to increase the vertical dimension in order to develop a more ideal occlusion and demonstrate to the patient what was achievable in both improved function and esthetics.

The patient accepted the treatment plan and we were on our way to get this smile looking great.

Through the use of P.F.Ms in the posterior and Zirconia Core in the anterior, all with veneering porcelain, we were able to achieve a dramatic improvement! The patient was extremely happy with the results and enjoying their fresh new confident smile.